The clunk in your trunk

Cliff from Laconia called with a clunk in his 2000 Camry.

Check your spare tire! After you get a flat tire, the tire mechanic will frequently just throw the tire in the spare tire well without fastening it down.

Go tighten it down and see if the clunk goes away.

While you are there, check to ensure the pressure is at 60 PSI. About 99% of people’s spares are DRASTICALLY underinflated. (15 - 25 PSI or worse).

-Bob C.

I have no problem with 60 psi in my spare I can remember to deal with it when the time comes. What is the rational for the 60psi and where did the idea come from?

60 PSI is the manufacturer’s recommended pressure for the donut spares. With such a skinny tire, they need the higher pressure.

(Actually if your car has a full-size spare, those are only set to regular pressures and those don’t seem to be underinflated nearly so often.)


I always fill my spare to the maximum pressure on the tire. When putting the spare on, it’s a lot easier to let air out if it’s too high than it is to add air if it’s too low.