Spare tire 60 PSI

How would the salesperson know? If he lifted the floor panel in the cargo area you would have both seen the compact spare tire. He was probably reading the features listed on the used car label, those are computer generated from the VIN and trim level.

New car, don’t have the sheet, oh well, better than no spare at all like some new cars.


Is the spare stamped 225/65R17 or T165/80R17?

Since it says ‘Inflate to 60 psi’ on the side, it’s a compact spare.


my 2019 rav 4 spare needs 60psi, and it is monitored by the TPMS. It was low a week after we bought it, lol

you also have to remove the spare to check/add air. the valve stem is on the bottom (Inside) of the wheel as it sits in the truck area.


The T type spare in my Lincoln also has a spec of 60 PSI. Not a bad idea to check it now and then rather than find out during an emergency that it’s down to 20…


I fill my compact spare to 65 PSI. If it’s still high when I actually need it, I can easily let out the extra air when putting the tire on.

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