Spam-flagging error


I wasn’t able to delete the spam thread this morning because of an internet connectivity issue at home, so I regret having to leave it there longer than necessary.

More importantly, I wanted to ask you about the error message you received when flagging the post. Were all of you who tried to flag it able to flag it? Meaning - did you get the error message despite successful flagging, or was it an impediment to the flagging? I see three of you were able to mark it, but I want to gather the data anyway.

As always, I do appreciate your feedback and if I need to inquire about it, I like to back up the question with an adequate sample size.


Hi Carolyn:
I was able to “Flag” without a problem.

The issue occurred when I tried to “Report” the post. Clicking on Report gave me a dialogue box where I entered my comment. But then when I hit Submit, it returned with a permission error.

My situation is exactly the same as JoeMario’s.

I can add that whenever I have tried to “report” a post, I have always gotten the “You don’t have permission to do this” message, so I don’t think that this is a new issue.

OK. Good to know. I’ll inquire. Thank you both.

Update: I think it should be fixed now, according to what I heard from support about the fix.

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@Bing I spent enough time in Austin in my younger days to never want to see Spam again. :wink: That plant permeates everything with a godawful smell that on some days seemed to stretch clear to the Iowa border.

I did find the Spam museum entertaining, though.

helped win the war.

I always got a kick out of that quote from the era “Spam is a meatball without basic training.”

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I’m going to go ahead and close this. If you have trouble reporting anything via the button, send me a PM.