Remember to flag spam

As soon as you see spam, flag it, each post will disappear after 5 or so flags, according to Caroline

Well, ok…I wansn’t even going to open them at all.

Hi. Thanks, @texases. I can’t be in here all the time, so it would help keep things clear if you could please assist by flagging. I do try to stay on top of it, but flagging will make it disappear without my intervention.

I see this sight is being hacked again. Unfortunately, this backing causes inconvenience for almost everyone. I am the treasurer for a community band and we have a business account with a local bank. I do a lot of online banking. A new system.was installed and I spent several hours with the bank getting a problem straightened out with the system. A new layer of security has been added. When I try to log on, I can only go as far as the logon ID. I then said for an automated phone call on my smartphone and I am given a security code to enter and then, after the security code has been verified, I can then enter the password and proceed with my business. This is more inconvenient than the previous system, but I can see why it is necessary.

Have been, but 5 is a big number… perhaps 2 or 3 would be better?

Come on folks just flag it. The last one there were four views but only one flag until I flagged it. Five isn’t that much and its pretty easy to spot.

I flagged it, Bing flagged it, only needed 3 more. We can stop this pretty early

I don’t want to split hairs, but because Triedaq mentioned it I do want to make sure it’s clear that the site hasn’t been hacked. No one’s information has been taken. We do have an influx of fake accounts that clog up the site with the annoying threads, and I clean them up as soon as I see them.

I’ve asked about our options, and I did learn I can adjust the settings down to remove the spam to moderation. I’ve tried using 2, so if you wouldn’t mind helping me test this, I’d appreciate it. Additionally, I’m told I could set it so I approve new comments, but since I pop in periodically during the day this might alter the rhythm of the place. I’m still waiting for some other information so we can decide what to do, but for now, please don’t hesitate to flag something if you see it.

I would think having to “admin approve” every post would bring the site to a virtual standstill, and you’d have zero time to do anything else.

There are quite enough regular posters here who understand what’s going on, and if the regulars just click, click again and be done with it, those posts would go away quick.

4 flags should be your bottom limit, I think.

I was the 5th flag on one of the spam messages and it just went away.

@cdaquila - no way to block (or send to moderation) all posts with non-standard characters?

Maybe C can verify, they are somehow using gmail accounts, as noted from a similar attack at drupal, not allow gmail accounts until approved by C?

Hey don’t worry about it just flag as spam and call it Cartalk version of WackaMole

@texases, no, that doesn’t seem to be an option, but it would certainly eradicate the issue if we could.

@barkydog, many are gmail accounts, but not all. I did keep an eye out for IP addresses, but they keep getting generated with different values, too.

Not to sound like a broken record, but thank you for your efforts.

I agree. What’s so hard about clicking on the flag? Five and they’re gone. Let’s not over-engineer when a simple solution is at hand.

It might just be me but I enjoy looking for and flagging SPAM when I have the time.

Hm. Wish there was a way to work up some Auxiliary Spam Police badges, @missileman :wink:

I was looking for a new badge. Maybe 50 flags gets you a badge or something. Maybe that’s a bad idea.


If Carolyn had to approve every post she’d have no time for those luxurious bubble baths and and curling up in her snuggie.

I’ll help flag those violators.