Help remove spam posts

It requires 5 identical flags to remove spam posts. So everyone please help by flagging all the foreign language spam posts as SPAM.

Thanks, Marnet. I have been trying to intercept the threads as soon as I can, but it really does help immeasurably when you’re able to flag the posts.

Carolyn, you are the one truly deserving of thanks from all of us with your hard work behind the scenes as an admin. You do a remarkable job banning and cleaning up the bad guys. But we know you cannot do so 24/7 so we are glad to help with flagging. At least we killed a few spam posts for you. :slight_smile:

+1 to Marnet and thank you Carolyn. I’m glad to be part of the SPAM-hunters squad or SHS if you prefer.

Thank you for getting rid of that gobbledygook from last night. It was hurting my brain to look at it :slight_smile:

I was afraid to click on any of the Korean spam, not knowing what virus (or whatever) they might contain. I simply sent a PM to Carolyn. She replied at 12:45 AM, proving that she works ALL THE TIME.

Thanks Carolyn.

Yes thank you. That pinging on her iphone probably woke her up. Now we used to pay an extra 50 cents an hour for people on call to carry their phone around and answer 24/7. Something to think about for next contract.

Sorry to pose a dumb question, but how often or how many of these posts are added? It’s been a month or two since I’ve seen any, so I’m guessing the “spam patrol” is very diligent!


You don’t have to open the link to flag that garbage as spam

I flagged them as spam, without clicking on the links

I happened to be the 5th spam flagger for one of them, and I watched it “disappear” right before my eyes

Please flag those annoying “discussions” as spam. There’s enough of us regulars, that those garbage posts shouldn’t be around very long

I don’t know if its the frequency as much as the magnitude when they do post. For a while it was every night. When they post though, they can fill the pages quickly and make it very difficult to use the site.

db is right - as long as you don’t click through to anything, you will not contract any viruses. I thought they forgot about us and stopped posting, but in the last week and a half or so, they came back. It used to be that they would post in the morning, Seoul time, and I could delete the mess while I drank my morning coffee. Now the schedule is off. In any case, thanks for contributing to the war effort!

How do you flag a post as spam without opening it?

I don’t think it’s possible to flag without opening the discussion.

Can you get a virus or malware just by opening a suspect post? Even if you don’t click on any links inside the posts.

The day after I say I haven’t seen any in a while, I saw two. I flagged them both, I think correctly.

Can you get a virus or malware just by opening a suspect post? Even if you don’t click on any links inside the posts.

I don’t think so (see Carolyn’s post above).

I’ve seen a couple and spam-flagged them both in the last 10 days or so. Both disappeared ASAP so the Spam Patrol is awake and diligent with Carolyn’s help.

+1 to texases. Since the thread is hosted here on this site, and you’re not leaving it by clicking on anything shady, you’re safe.

Thank you. I do try to be careful on the internet but those hackers are so ingenious.