Something stuck in the blower?



My 2006 Honda Civic has recently starting making a faint tic-tic-tic noice that changes speed as I change the speed of the blower for the AC. After removing the cover under the glove compartment, I found an electrical connection that goes to what appears to be a squirrel box fan and I assume is the blower fan. If I unplug it, the noise (and the air) stop immediately. So, I am quite sure that is the source of the noise. I notice that the intake for recirc mode seems to be down there too and am wondering if something got sucked in there and is hitting the fan or is this a bearing issue, etc. I’m out of warranty at 44,000 miles.

If it is the bearing in the fan, 1) I’d be highly disappointed in Honda as the car has lots of miles, but not lots of hours on it and 2) I guess I can let it go until it fails as the only thing that could be hurt is me trying to get home in 100 degree heat with no AC.

Was wondering if I perhaps could hook a high strength vacuum to the intake and see if I can get anything back out or does this sound rediculous? If a piece of paper or something gets in there, I’m guessing eventually the fan will beat it into submission…hmmmm thoughts??



You could try a vacuum, but I think you’d be wasting your time.

You could have almost anything sucked in there.

My guess is one of those maple tree ‘whirlybirds’.


Pine needles like to get in there too. Undo the three bolts that hold the blower motor in place and clean it out.


Yeah, see if you can open the cage and remove the debris. While you’re there you can also determine how to remove the blower motor itself, just in case.