02 Honda Civic Blower motor stopped

After working perfectly yesterday the blower motor on my 18-year-old Honda is making no sound and blowing no air. Any suggestions on what to check and how much replacement parts/service could be? Could a dirty cabin filter break down a blower motor? Or is that something that sometimes happens to all cars this age no matter? I know it is getting to be an older car but knock on wood it has been a good one and only has 106K. I am hoping to keep it a while so I should have been more careful.

Turn the ignition switch on.

Set the blower speed to high.

Reach under the passenger side the dash, and with the handle of a screwdriver rap on the blower motor.

If the blower starts working, replace the blower motor.


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and if it doesn’t?

Check the fuse.


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Tester any idea how much it would cost to replace it with service? If it is just a fuse that could be small right? As opposed to a 400-500 expense for the blower motor? I’m praying. Thank you so much for your input. Much appreciated.

I can’t tell you that.

Prices for auto repairs varies by location.


The motor is maybe $40-50. I bought two for my 1999 Civic. They worked but made a humming noise. I returned both and got a used one from a Civic at an auto wrecker. It runs and sounds fine. It’s an easy job on my Civic and probably on yours, too. Anyone trying to scare you by saying $500 is not to be trusted.

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You were right i tapped that spot and on it went and then off again. :frowning:

They looked it up and said 160 something for the motor and then there were parts and labor. I can’t do it myself.

Who’s “they”? A dealer will usually only use genuine parts from the carmaker’s supply network. They are usually high quality parts at a high price. Other repair shops will probably cost a lot less for the part and labor than a dealer.