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Cobalt AC

This is my mom’s car; 2005 Chevy Cobalt sedan, base model(no power windows or door locks) 2.2L 4cyl.

I heard what sounded like a motorcycle idling(a sport bike, not Harley bike) when I was riding with her. When the fan is blowing(with or without recirc. on) in AC and one setting with heat, it makes that noise.

I told her she should have it checked out, but she says it’s no big deal, but it’s kinda bugging me what could be wrong with it.

There could be a piece of debris stuck in the heater/AC blower. Does the noise increase with the speed of the blower? If it’s just something stuck in the blower it will probably work itself free in time.

The noise might be coming from the squirrel cage fan on the blower motor. Either the fan is hitting some debris in the blower housing, or the plastic fan is coming apart. The blower assembly can be removed from under the passenger side dash and inspected for debris or damage.


I can’t really remember if it got louder or not, but I think it did.

I hope it’s just debris and not the fan breaking apart. I’d hate to hear her say she needs to have the whole unit replaced.

I’m also hoping she doesn’t tell me her transmission broke, since she’s one of those who doesn’t stop when going from R to D. She’ll back out, get turned, put it in N then D while still moving. I’ve talked to her about that, but old habits I guess. And a discussion for another topic :stuck_out_tongue: