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Honda 2007 a/c failure - gradual

I have a 2007 Honda Civic with about 40000 miles on it. About a year ago, I’d notice a problem with the a/c occasionally stopping, but at other times I’d turn on the car and it would work. Sometimes it would not work when I started the car but after I’d driven for a while it would kick on. But, for the past 4 months or so, it has stopped coming on completely. What could this be? And… what sort of figure am I looking at to get this repaired?

First you need to clarify the problem. Is the blower working but blowing warm air? Or is the blower not blowing air at all?

No, the blower is not working at all anymore… it had been intermittantly, and blowing cold air. But not at all anymore. No blowing.

Then you most likley need a new blower motor, which is not that expencive on your car. However it is odd to see one go with only 40,000 miles.

Check the blower motor on its highest setting, if it comes on in the highest setting only, then it could be the resistor pack instead of the motor. But I tend to agree with gsragtop since this was an intermittant problem for awhile.

One more test. Look under your dash, passenger side, behind the glove box and closest to the door, you will see the bottom of the motor. Its round and black and has two wires going to it. With the engine and AC on and fan on high, tap the bottom of the motor. If it comes on, the brushes are sticking. replace motor.

So here is what I did…I looked under and tapped it and it did nothing. I took out the glove box to see the top of the motor and put the fan on low. I poked at it with a pencil and it started turning, and faster when I turned the fan speed up, but it was making this rumbling noise. When I turned the a/c all the way off and on again, it did not work. But it worked again when I tapped it with the pencil. So… should I just replace the blower motor? Can it just be unscrewd from the bottom of the dashboard and the wires removed and then replaced?

Yup, replace the blower. It should be mounted on the duct work. Unplugging and unscrewing it is all there is to it.

But have some variety of screwdriver tips handy. I found out the hard way that these sometimes us Torx screws. Got myself all crumpled up under the dash, took a close look, and had to uncrumple myself, go back to the toolchest, and crumple myself all up again.

I did it!!! I feel so awesome! Thank you to everyone!

So cool now, here in Houston!

Three screws with a 10mm hex head, one plug with two wires. Be sure you get an OEM motor with a plug, not an aftermarket motor with external wires that you have to cut and splice and have a 50/50 chance of wiring backwards. You can’t count on the color code on those AM motors.

Congratulations Cecilylinn, and thanks sincerely for the followup post. It’s good to hear happey endings.

Sincere best