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Someone builds a 25 seater motorbike

Colin Furze, the English loon responsible for the fire-breathing moped, has released yet another cracked creation. Furze, 31, who makes his money as a plumber, built a 72-foot-long moped that seats 25, videotaped himself riding it, and send the footage to the Guinness Book of World Records.

According to reports, Furze has hit 35 miles per hour on the elongated scooter, built from the remains of one and a half 125cc mopeds and more than 50 feet of frame extension. For right now, it simply holds passengers (read: doesn’t move them), but with some chassis and suspension mods, it should be able to ferry them around under power.

edited to add picture to the post

Why in the pic is there a wood block in the middle of the scooter holding it up???

probably to keep the thing from folding in half

That’s an accident waiting to happen. Assuming the frame doesn’t buckle due to the weight or a pothole anyone who rides a motorcycle knows what rounding a corner is like with a passenger who is not on the same page in regards to how to lean.

Throw 25 passengers on it, each with their own interpretation of how to lean, and they’re going to go down; assuming this gimmick actually even reached speed and kept its structural integrity. It will never work; much like the rear steering motorcycle the Federal government built back in the 70s at a high cost to the taxpayers.

I would imagine this would be a dream come true for some families in Vietnam and other countries where they use motorcycles to haul everything, including the mother, father, and 3 kids.

Looks like it would be more fun to ride than a school bus–at least in good weather.