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Okay Guys,is it time for a Diesel cruiser Motorbike?-Kevin


I heard dat!-Kevin

Like this one?

`Cool,what do we have there?-Kevin

Hayes Diversified Technologies has a contract to make an off road diesel motorcycle for the millitary. It’s based on the Kawasaki KLR 650. They are planning to release civilian models in the future.
It’s claimed that this bike can go 100 miles to a gallon.

It’s built by a German company named Neander. The bike has a 1400cc turbocharged twin. The engine is unique in having two connecting rods for each piston and two counter rotating crankshafts. This allows perfect primary balance along with eliminating piston side thrust which allows for super short piston skirts.

Here’s Neander’s website.

Thanks very much,stuff like this is so interesting-Kevin

I don’t see why not. There will be “petrol head” purists who don’t like the idea, but something tells me they are thinking of old loud diesel motors, not the new clean quiet diesel engines like the ones in the Dodge/Freightliner Sprinter made my Mercedes.

If we end up with decent electric motorcycles, we will end up with many diesels too.

Good point Whitey-Kevin