I hope that he survives this trip

because it is for a good cause:

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I think I’d rather ride my bicycle… it would be more comfortable and likely faster. :grinning:


Have a bud retiring in May, bicycle from the Atlantic to the Pacific his plan, I would choose that car unless I had to push it up the mountains :slight_smile:

Before I retired, the IT guy at work took a long bike ride. Minnesota out west someplace, but it was pretty long. Had to be well into his 50’s at least and made it ok. Not sure if it’s a good idea now though. At any rate I think you want one of those $2-3000 bikes though, 15-20 speed whatever they are, light weight, etc. Not like my $100 10 speed. Some friends actually biked around France one summer too. Seems to me they shipped their bikes. So guess people do it.

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At least it’s a worthy charity. I don’t think he would have many pledges if he uses a Bentley.


About that…

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With a top speed of 38 mph, it will definitely take a while. At least 23 hours running flat out and probably longer.

It said he was going to take up to 3 weeks or 21 days… rather than 23 hours.

Do you really think that little skoot box can do 38 mph? I see the internet says thats what its top speed is but a 49cc, 4.5 hp engine? Maybe on the flat with a 20 mph tailwind! I’d think hills might be a challange depending on the drivers weight.

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In 1957, the neighbor kid’s dad made him a replica 57 Plymouth out of fiberglass and powered by a Maytag washing machine engine. Even that would carry two people or one and a back pack and a lot more stylish.

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I remember my grandmother had one of those way back when but I don’t recall what the HP was do you know?

There were a couple in the neighborhood salvaged from washing machines before electricity became popular. I don’t recall the horsepower but probably around 1-2. The thing is it was very low revolutions like an old farm tractor or the engines used on a farm. Putt putt putt. So they had more power than speed. I bought about a 2 1/2 horse Briggs back then for $5 at the bike shop. Great little engine and just needed to be timed which is why it didn’t run. If the kid wasn’t such a jerk I coulda put my engine in his car and we would have had fun. With a Briggs you could run 15-20 mph on the sidewalks. (Until Jake the patrolman came by and spoiled everything)


Yes I do remember thinking about the old POPPEN JOHNS on wash day monday’s like it was back then when she fired it up.

Always one in every neighborhood.

That’s 23 hours continuous. A couple of hours a day at 20 mph or so would work. As for top speed, inasmuch as I’ve never driven one, I couldn’t say.

Because of the handling the UK car mag Autocar decided 20mph was fast enough, although the modern peel has reverse gear.

Yes, I can do the math. An hour and, oh 15 minutes a day for 21 days. Or 2 11.5 hour days non stop.

Has anyone ever seen the Top Gear where Clarkson drove one into the BBC building? And into the elevator?


As far a bicycles: My brother-in-law has cycled Washington State to Maine, Florida to Iowa. He and my sister do have those expensive bike and have radar, or something like that, to warn of traffic approaching from the rear. My sister cycles part time but primary job is driving the support vehicle towing the travel trailer.

Now that has to be a very boring job.

As kids one day we decided to take a 50 mile bike hike. It was kind of in a big circle out in the country and back on the highway. It was about 5:00 and we still had 8 miles to go on the highway to get back home. We were beat. Then along comes my dad on his way home with our 61 Chevy wagon. He alert enough to notice us and stopped. We piled all three bikes in the back and rode the rest of the way in style, never to attempt another long bike hike again.

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It can do 38mph downhill, for sure! I had a moped.

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We had a Thor, with gigantic hoses. One broke, water everywhere-all hell broke loose.

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I don’t think my moped would ever go that fast. In the winter when I had the windshield on, 26 was top speed. Never had it that long to really test it though I guess.