What do you think of those new little street scooters?

Any opinions on those new little street scooters that you don’t even need to be 16 to drive? They sure are cute and might be a good way to get around town (these are gas operated). I notice the places that are selling them are trying to charge “freight” and “assembly” just like the car dealers - is this a ridiculous rip off? How much freight could there be on these tiny things - I think they’re lighter than most ride-on lawnmowers.

Great way to get yourself killed. They’re so small most drivers can’t see them. It’s like trying to run in traffic, and just about as fast.

The scooters are delivered to the dealer by truck, so there’s a freight charge, and they arrive in a box, partially assembled, so there’s an assembly charge. You could skip these charges by flying to China and picking up a scooter, in a box, at the factory.

Or you could just negotiate a price and not pay these “charges.”

Don’t assume that they are street legal. Just because your neighbor’s kids get away with going around the block with gas powered scooters or go-karts doesn’t mean it is legal.

They [little “pocket bike” scooters] were a menace here in DC and they were banned.

I was in China last summer and many of the small scooters were electric. E-bikes too.

Can you show a link or a picture? Are they just like mopeds or what?

Some of these scooters are not that dinky. I have a colleague who bought a Vento that looks like a little Harley bagger. One cylinder, 17 hp IIRC, plastic bodywork and vinyl bags and gets like 80 mpg! As it’s a little more than a Vespa, it is street legal and requires registration. Not a road burner (don’t think it’s legal for interstates) but great for surface streets 'round town.

These scooters fall under motor vehicle reglations which vary from state to state. In NH I believe the criteria are engine size and maximum speed. Any gas vehicle above specific limits requires licensure. Other categories are specifically prohibited from use on public roads. These include things like minibikes and snowmobiles.

Most states even have categories with requirements for use of golf carts. In some retirement communities use of “street legal” colf carts is common. We even have a retired fella in my neighbor hood that has one.

Do you mean motorized skate boards?

Photo: http://www.buyitthru.com/motorized-skateboards.htm

I think he’s referring to those standup scooters with a “T” steering post on the front and a wee motor in back. Yeah, like a long, motorized skateboard with steering.

Here’s a pocket bike:


Yeah, but I don’t think that’s what he was referring to.

They actually have (in my area) a racing league for the pocket bikes. I think it’s a great idea, because with proper safety gear and supervision kids can have the thrill of racing without serious risk. The pocket bikes come in various sizes for various ages, and the speeds and machine weights are limited.