Some satire

from the folks at Top Gear:



Left , right? Who cares? … lol …


Richard Porter who served as script editor on the TV show says someone must have found his old notebook from 2004, To be seen if customers figure this out or just keep on as normal.

This just eliminated the entire reason I got married, someone to tell me what direction to turn! :rofl:


I got to thinking maybe I don’t understand the point of the satire. Is it that BMW cars have a known technical problem that causes the turn signals not to work? Or is it that the cars’ turn signals actually work fine, but BMW drivers don’t want to bother turning the left/right lever when they turn?

It the latter, that’s not something I’ve noticed about BMW drivers. I’ve noticed that problem somewhat w/Mercedes drivers, but not BMW. The only trait I’ve noticed particularly with BMW drivers is a tendency to honk unnecessarily, if they feel another car is impeding their progress.

So to me BMW == impatient drivers, not BMW == fails to turn on the turn signals.

That is the apparent point of that bit of satire.

I agree, and instead of horn honking I have found the most prominent trait of BMW drivers to be tailgating at ridiculously close distances.

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Ha! It does feel like BMW can attract a certain… type sometimes.

Coincidentally, yesterday I had a BMW driver honk at me while I was riding my bicycle on the far right side of a quiet neighborhood street. Nobody else near-by & plenty of room to pass. Not sure if the purpose was to display annoyance, or to give a warning they were passing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Or saying hello.

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