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Screeching sound from front driver's side on 2004 325xi when taking tight left turns


36K miles. A few weeks back I started getting this screeching side on the front driver’s side when taking a tight left turn in say a parking lot. The sound is not heard when taking turns at higher speeds. Suddenly, last week the sound is more intermittent than earlier. However, I am set to see a mechanic on Monday but any experiences/diagnostics are welcome.

Something you get pounded into you very early with BMW is that you must check for Technical Service Bulletins (called Service Information by BMW) when diagnosing most any concern. Much can be determined by the same type inspection you would apply to any other type vehicle.

I know you want to go to your mechanic prepared but don’t immeditaly latch onto the obscure before the mundane is ruled out.

EDIT: My source for BMW TSB’s is very “iffY” but I went and looked and there is a TSB about replacing the outer CV joint but the problem is all I can see is the title to the TSB as the page is listed as “not currently available” I would try and read this TSB somehow.

Could just be brake pads. Or it could be power steering pump.

IIRC, the X in the model series indicates that this is an AWD BMW.
If I am correct, then I suspect that this is a case of a bad CV joint, as CSA already suggested.

I don’t take being refered to as CSA and any type of downgrade.

Sorry, oldschool!

I must have been experiencing a brain fart when I thought that your post was one of CSA’s.
My apologies.