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Karma...for an impatient & reckless BMW driver

If not for a dashcam on another vehicle, we wouldn’t be able to view this illustration of karma:

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I can hear him now. But…it’s the bus driver’s fault.

My assumption is that the stalking around and arm waving along with the finger pointing means that he thinks he’s innocent.

The word “moron” comes to mind.

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I do feel bad…that the BMW wasn’t damaged more and that the driver didn’t sustain any injuries.

Stupidity should be very expensive and very painful.

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There’s a good automotive puzzler: words that are both homonyms and antonyms.

reckless and wreckless.


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I see stuff like this every single day that I drive in the sunshine state. Right turns from the left lane, left turns from the straight lane in front of two left turn lanes.

But I like that nice divider that lifted the BMW. :smile:

Don’t you think there is a possibility that the steering rack and the oil pan were both damaged?
If that is the case, he should be looking at a very hefty repair bill, especially in light of the car’s German origin.

Oh I’m certain of it, but as I said, stupidity should be very expensive. More than a rack and oil pan would cost. I can only hope the transmission and driveline were lunched as well. And hopefully insurance won’t cover it.

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How about using a chain of synonyms to get to an antonym.

For example: hot→stolen→taken→removed→distant→cold

Outstanding! I hope he did lots and lots of damage to his undercarriage.
I also hope a copy of the video is being used by the police to cite him for every possible violation the law will allow. This moron is a danger to society. :imp:

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Perhaps he was just trying out BMW’s new monorail feature … lol …

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