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1992 3-series BMW steering noise

my 1992 BMW 3-series makes a horrible noise when I turn the wheel sharply in either direction. the noise however gets better as the car warms up, and after half an hour of driving has gone away. if I turn the engine off for an hour and start it up again, the noise is back. my sister think it’s the steering column. my brother-in-law thinks it’s the power steering pump, or some kind of really complicated switch to do with RPM that I don’t understand, my mother thinks it’s a “bloody inconvenience, is what it is.” Can anyone clear this up for me? THANKS!!!

Yes, I can clear it up. Your sister, a nice lady, knows nothing about cars. Your brother in-law knows a little about cars, but not enough to do diagnosis. Your mom cares about you, but has no interest in cars whatsoever.

Seriously, can you descrbe the noise?
Does it happen only while the car is moving, or even if the car is standing still? Is it worse when standng still?
Have you checked the fluid level in the power steering system reservoir?