Some good TV viewing

A new TV series, on the topic of classic cars owned by celebrities, has been completed by the former producer of The UK’s Top Gear series.
While it is unclear whether this show is coming to The US, and which US network might air it, I think that it would be a good idea to keep a look-out for this program, so as to not miss it.

Well, Jodie Kidd is a plus, less Clarkson is a minus (IMHO, many disagree!) Quentin Wilson is the atypical Brit announcer with all the vocal inflection for good or bad. I’d watch it if I could. Might be worth a web-search or 2 to see if episodes (or clips) are available online.

Certainly worth a try. If none of the majors pick it up, I expect to see it on Velocity. Speaking of Velocity, they already have “What’s My Car Worth” for classic car buffs and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Maybe we luck out and BBC America picks it up

Hope we see it. My two favorites are ‘Wheeler Dealers’ and ‘FantomWorks’, both on Velocity. They deal much more with the nuts and bolts of getting an older car back on the road.

Good point @bscar2‌. Wheeler Dealers is one of my favorites on Velocity, too.

+1 on the Wheeler Dealers fan club. Mike is a character, fun to watch his boyish enthusiasm, and Ed knows his mechanical stuff.

+2 on Wheeler dealers, makes my day just watching one episode. Also 2nd the Fantom works. I think the velocity Chanel is the only reason I pay my cable bill.

Velocity would be a great home for this, The History Channel runs a few automotive shows including the american Top Gear as well. What’s my car worth is hosted by Keith Martin who i’ve followed for awhile in Sports Car Market magazine which deals with all kinds of classic and collectable cars and results from various auctions. Keith can tell a good car from one slapped together for the sale and seems to be mostly into Alfa’s for his collection now with a few others coming and going.