Velocity is one of my favorite channels

I love Velocity channel. But then again I like cars.

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Good for you. I watch the oxygen channel but then I like breathing. :joy:


I like Velocity, too. It seems to me that many, maybe most, of the shows are half hour commercials for the shop they highlight, but in several cases I don’t mind. Chasing Classic Cars features F40 Motor Sports, yet it is a very appealing show for all the classic and unusual cars that show up. I also like Fantom Works and Bitchin’ Rides. The last two are clearly meant to drum up business. One show that isn’t an advertisement is Wheeler Dealer. It is still a lot of fun, even without Edd China. I’ve decided I like Ant as a replacement since Edd is no longer available. At first I read that the shows wouldn’t have as much detail in the restoration, but I don’t see much difference in that way.


I was really bummed when Edd China left Wheeler Dealers. Velocity and the producers were part (or all) of the reason he left. However, I find I still like the show with Ant and Mike. The first season without Edd had some great episodes. Can’t wait for the next season. Cartalk carried the story on that originally published at BestRide. I’m also a fan of Wayne Carini (Chasing Classic Cars). He is very generous with his time and has been the long-time MC of the New England Auto Press Annual Awards event at MIT.

I guess I am in the minority but I can’t stand Ant . I always thought Mike Brewer was a little silly but two silly people is just to much for me.

the WD episode with the dodge van was interesting. too bad they skipped the rear suspension portion. did they use a bolt in link kit or weld the parts?

I just can’t get past the last part of each show where they sell the car. The profit margins they claim are terrific are much too small. You could not support the garage rent, all the tools, and a decent income for these two guys on those prices. Why would you bother?

I imagine the check from the show more than covers up the tiny profit margins they get

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The show seems more about showing viewers what they can do rather than what Mike and Ant can do. The margins are small and they don’t seem to include their time as a cost. That’s more like one of us restoring a car and then selling it, maybe after enjoying it for a while.

WD is good, Fantomworks is tolerable, I enjoy Barrett-Jackson coverage when it comes around, Restoration Gararge is tolerable. But that’s about it. The only show that I make a point of watching is Wheeler Dealers.

I like Barrett-Jackson, too. All their auctions are great car shows. Restoration Garage falls into the same category as Fantomworks for me. That is, the shows are advertisements for the shops. RG has more unique cars and that’s a plus. I do wish that Dan would curse less on Fantomworks. He didn’t do that the first couple of seasons, and its unnecessary and unattractive to me.

I agree, The issue with Dan’s cursing is that it seems forced, and more shock value than anything else. It doesn’t add anything to the show.