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A new TV program for the automotively-oriented

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, 7/13/11) the Speed Channel will premiere its new program, The Car Show.

Will this be more entertaining and more informative than the History Channel’s US-version of Top Gear?
Only time (and viewing) will tell.
Certainly, it couldn’t possibly be worse than the abominable US version of Top Gear!

If you want to see this new offering, tune to the Speed Channel at 10:00 PM tomorrow night.

got my DVR all set. Will hold out judgment till the end of the season.
TG:USA was ok. Despite everyone claiming it was garbage, it had over 1M viewers per episode I believe. Which may be more than TG:UK gets

I have high hopes for The Car Show, as you may remember Adam Carolla was one of the people tapped for the NBC version of Top Gear that never got beyond a pilot episode that was never broadcast. Top Gear USA (on History) was pretty bad the first few episodes, but it was watchable towards the end of the first season, the pickup truck episode in Alaska was their best effort IMHO, and I think if they want to really stand on their own and not constantly be compared to the UK version, they need to do things that the UK show doesn’t do. We don’t Jezza, Hammond and The Captain do things with full sized pickups since such vehicles are fairly rare across the pond. Some of the stuff translates well, like cheap car challenges and such, but to make its own niche TG: USA needs to be different. I don’t think the Top Gear USA hosts are nearly as engaging as the UK hosts, but they haven’t been working together as long as the UK hosts either, I expect they’ll be better this season.

Also it’s estimated that Top Gear UK is seen by 350 million people throughout the world. Top Gear USA probably hasn’t matched that :slight_smile:

I am glad to see this thread was started by a regular poster, like VDCdriver. I was afraid it might be spam.

I thought the same thing, Whitey!

We don’t get the speed channel…

I’ve seen the advertisements for it…The commercial was a little stupid. Let me know how it is…

Sorry for the possible appearance of spam!
I guess that being a regular on this site does have its advantages.

“Sorry for the possible appearance of spam!
I guess that being a regular on this site does have its advantages.”

How do we know that Robin Miller didn’t agree to introduce you to the Open Wheel Beauties to make that plug?

So what did folks think of it? I wasn’t very impressed.

Ironically, I was not able to watch it.
As it turns out, that channel is not part of my DirecTV programming package.

I thought it was okay, it didn’t have the production values of Top Gear (any version) but I think the hosts worked better together, and I think it was paced better than the first couple episodes of Top Gear USA.

I agree. I watched the first 45 minutes. Carolla is a fun host, but he is an actor. He should read cue cards well. The go-fast segment was so-so, but I did like the 24 Hours of Lemons.

watched the 0 to 60 segment. The hosts seem to interact better than the TG:USA hosts did on their first episode, but I will still reserve my judgment for after the 1st season is over