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Some exotic iron

Yesterday, I followed a car into the Princeton Municipal Parking garage that I did not recognize.
The sound of the engine was indicative of something much more impressive than your garden-variety supercar.
After parking my car, I found the car in question, which proved to be a McLaren 570!


That’s a beauty!

Pretty sure Bruce Wayne would not like you taking pics with his car…


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I wonder if that’s one of those two cycle engines?

Nice find! There’s just something about McLarens. Every single one of them is awe-inspiring.

Lemme guess…Cycle I = idle, 0 MPH…Cycle 2 = 8000 RPM, 200 MPH…

And a steal at $190K!


I see those cars driving around here in the San Jose area occasionally. It is a nice looking car.

In 2016 McLaren only sold 3200 vehicles world wide. Sightings are rare.

McLaren was new then, still becoming known. The 2018 720S should sell out immediately.
The other new McLaren, the BP23 cannot be sold in the U.S. It can be imported under “Show and Display” laws only.

Mclaren only has dealers in certain parts of the country, even fewer than Ferrari. You can find them for sale in Washington state at a specialty dealer but other than going up to B.C. for service you’re going to be dealing with a California dealer to buy one new.

I wonder how much it must cost to insure a $200k car that is capable of 200 mph.
The annual insurance cost must be mind-boggling!


Coincidentally I saw this one a few years ago. At a Cracker Barrel of all places.

Sorry for the crappy quality.

McLaren Cars got famous in the 90’s when it released the F1. A lot of people think the current iteration of McLaren is still the same company.

May be a good investment if the value rises as much as the very first McLaren road car, the F1


Originally cost $815,000 to buy, now worth about $14 Million!

I must be living in the wrong neighborhood…The only time I’ve ever seen a McLaren was at a car show. Cool vehicle. Not too sure how I could fit my 6’3 230lb frame in one though.

I guess I do also. What kind of neighborhood would you need to see McLaren 570 vehicles ’ occasionally '.

I could probably fit inside one, but getting out of such a low-slung car is an entirely different proposition. I once sat in a Subaru BRZ and I literally had to crawl out of the car onto the showroom floor because I was unable to raise myself out of that incredibly low seat.

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Probably won’t. You’d need to get a P1 to have a chance at that - the others are too common.

The orignal F1 was very rare, and blew the doors off of everything else on the road. The new McLarens look lovely and have terrific performance, but there are more of them (even the P1 at 375 made is more common than the F1 at 64), and their performance doesn’t really eclipse any of the other guys, and in fact is beaten by cars from Koenigsegg and in some categories Bugatti.

Silicon Valley, and San Jose is part of it. 1000 sq ft houses on a lot in Palo Alto sell for well over $1,000,000; probably over $2,000,000 by now. A measly $200,000 for a car doesn’t seem like much in comparison. Especially when you make several hundred grand or more per year.

I guess they’ve been around longer than I thought.

I like McLarens, but I like the Alpha Romeo 4C better. Someone local to me has one. I’ve seen it parked in a parking lot (at Hobby Lobby) and at the annual Rotary Club Car Show. Gorgeous. I asked the owner what the serpent eating the man on the right side of the logo meant. He was stumped. I’ll bet he went straight home to look it up! :grin:

Nomatter. I can’t get in or out of either car.