So, this isn't how to get a test drive of a new vehicle?

Who knew?


Ewwww that is disgusting.


I think it’s funny. Maybe he wanted to wanted to personally inspect the new car, and brought his multitool to show he was earnest. :grin:


wanted to see how bad he would stick to the leather seats. I get it…


He obviously didn’t realize that you got “stripped naked” only AFTER the dealership was done with you.

On the other hand, considering the outragous price of used cars today, maybe he thought he’d just get it done with up front. :rofl:


No , this is not funny at all .

I’d hope those seats get thoroughly sanitized afterwards!


Brings a whole new meaning to “nut behind the wheel”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When he went there to sell his car, the salesman told him they were only interested in a stripped-down model.


Store manager once walked outside and asked me if i’d seen the fat guy walking around in his underwear. Pretty sure i would have noticed that. Turned out the police had him already in custody on the far side of the building.

Hey this is in my neck of the woods! As soon as I saw the guy was from Lebanon, I wasn’t surprised…Lebanon is a dump that I am thankfully able to avoid 99% of the time…

Well, if the story came from Lebanon, PA, maybe it’s just more Lebanon Bologna.

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I love Lebanon Bologna on a grilled cheese sandwich! Especially if you use sharp cheddar cheese!

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At any rate, some kind of sausage appeared on the scene. :see_no_evil:

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