Nissian Altima 2011 - Picture inside

I need some help with estimate cost. I got in an accident and agreed to pay for the damages b.c it was probably my fault. However, I am pretty sure this person is trying to take advantage of me. I am no car expert but she says she got an estimate of $ 1811, on what looked to me just scratches. She claimed they have to replace the whole bumper. I suggested we get a second estimate at a place of my preference and she seems hesitant.

What do you all think? Here is a picture.

You should have insurance. Call your agent and let them handle it. If you pay for repair yourself and they are not satisfied you may end up in court.

Well I was thinking the repairs should have been less then my deductible so it would just make more sense to fix it without insurance. The negative to that is of course people trying to take advantage of your willingness to pay out of pocket.

You would not believe what body work costs. Then they paint the back third of the car so the paint matches. You could ask for 2 estimates, but I would let the insurance handle it

I doubt that you have deductible that high. Besides, deductible is on your collision insurance, not the liability. Check with your insurance to see what you really have.

Okay, thanks for the help!