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"Smokie & the Bandit: Theme & Variations (Part 1)"

I’ve always liked combinations of things more than individual items. So, as my 1st installment of “Smokie & the Bandit: Theme & Variations (Part 1),” I thought I’d as the Car Authority a question.

If you could combine a 4-door 6-wheel 2-tank long bed pickup truck, a.h.a. a “Dual-ie,” with a black and gold Trans-AM hood, hood scoop, matching bird decal on the hood, and the distinctive and memorable brake lights that spell “T R A N S - A m” on both sides,…

#1.) How much would it cost? and

#2.) How much more would “DeLorean-esque” Butterfly doors cost?

ThanX a mi||iom,

jon slate from winston, ga

It should read “I thought I’d ask” and “a.k.a.” and “mi||ion”. I guess I was experiencing an Afternoon Opera Coma.