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Endust Smeared on Windshield

I used a rag for Endust, and my husband later used it with Windex on his windshield. The windshield is all smeared now, and I’m in the doghouse. Any advice as to how to really clean the windshield now?

A good thorough rub down with rubbing alcohol should clean it all right up.

Why would you be in the doghouse btw? If you want to clean windows you need clean rags. If he can’t figure that out then it sounds like his own problem.

I love you, btw!! Anyway, I did try rubbing alcohol, but it didn’t work. It just smeared it around a little more. Do you know if squeegees (sp?) come in tiny size?

Use full strength ammonia. It will remove just about anything. Just be sure to do this outside and avoid any plastic items on the vehicle. Put the ammonia directly on the cleaning cloth and be prepared to have your sinuses opened.

I’ll give it a try! If nothing else, I should be able to breath better after trying it! Thanks!

windex or glass wax

mix amonia 50/50 with water. wash down the windows and dry them with newspaper sheets crumpled up. works much better than windex, which I dont know why anybody buys it, because it always always leaves a smeary scum on the windows.

I looked up the MSDS on line. Endust contains petroleum distillates, isobutane, naphtha, sweet orange oil, and propane. Most if not all of those will evaporate. I’d suggest two alternatives. The first is to try acetone or ethyl acetate (finger nail polish remover). Acetone will slightly attack the rubber gaskets and windshield wipers. In small quantities it won’t destroy them, but it might smear black stuff on the windshield, too. I’m not sure about ethyl acetate, but it will probably react the same way. If you use one of these products, pour it on a paper towel away from the car, squeeze it to distribute it evenly so there’s no drips, then wipe the window. These solvents will evaporate almost immediately. The second is to try one of the citrus based solvents. The sweet orange oil is used in Endust and might work just fine. If you have a bottle of it at home already, it’s worth a shot.

I don’t really know what is in Endust but vinegar removes wax. Use whatever you wash cars with?

Acetone (old fashioned nail polish remover) or Toluene – both used to be available in paint or hardware stores in pint cans – will take off most organic materials – and maybe damage some plastics/rubber if you are careless. However so will isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. Rubbing alcohol comes in various strengths. Have you tried the 90% stuff?

Note that both Acetone and Toluene are flamable, somewhat explosive, and can be toxic. They probably aren’t generally all that hazardous or you wouldn’t be able to buy them over the counter. But if you elect to use them, treat them with a little respect. Make sure the work area is well ventilated, don’t smoke around them, wipe up spills, etc.