Wash and Wax car cleaner residue on windshield

I use wash and wax to clean my car, but afterwards (next day) if I try to wipe with windshield it just shows a smear. I’ve used windex, and other cleaners, but no help. Is there anything I can use to clean the windshield?

I think Bon Ami bar soap for windows will work. Its a slight abrasive but don’t use the stuff sinks in a can like Comet-just the bar soap that you have to wet with a rag and apply. It isn’t easy to find though. Last bar I got maybe ten years ago was only at the farm store.

I have found isopropyl alcohol to be very effective for cleaning any oily/greasy/waxy residue from the windshield.

Put a fairly generous amount on a thick wad of paper towels (being careful to not drip the alcohol on the paint), and rub until you see a rainbow effect on the glass. Turn & change the paper a few times, in order to allow as much gook removal as possible.

It may be necessary to do this a few times before you remove all of that residue, but–it does work–and is a very cheap solution to the problem.

Rain-X works too.

Vinegar removes wax.

This is why I don’t use car washes that apply wax to the whole car.

I agree with VDCdriver. In fact, I always use a paper towel very lightly misted with 70% isopropyl alcohol as the last step in cleaning my windows, as that does a good job of eliminating any streaks.

Newspaper used to function as a great glass cleaner but I think the ink in the new stuff doesn’t have enough or any carbon or whatever it was that gave it such a good polishing quality. Nobody reads the paper anymore do they? Even if it did work it probably wouldn’t take the wax off. I’m with lion by the way in eschewing that particular product. Speaking of waxing I’m just taking a break from doing my Suburban prior to having it oiled. I’m using Mothers three stage polish and wax, doing it all by hand and getting a good work-out to boot. Beautiful day for it here in southern Ontario - must be pushing 75 degrees.

I read the newspaper every day.

Mr. Nobody

Most of the ink now is made from soybeans. I read the paper every day.