Slow web response for this page


I’m getting (off and on) very slow response to this page. Anyone else?

Could be the server, or could be a routing issue…



better now, but for 5 minutes it was very slow, sometimes timing out.


My response has been good all day. Yesterday it was slow at times for me…I guess it’s your turn now.


I Thought It Was Just Me And My Land-Line Dial-Up Modem, But It Has Been Slowing Waaay Down On And Off, Even When Running At A Lightning 48.0 Kbps.


Mine’s fine. But I just got a ‘time kill’ email from Cartalk that shut down Outlook every time I tried to open it. Odd!


I just found out that one of the (many) Microsoft Windows updates done this week is defective, causes Outlook to crash when opening an email linking to the web. Problem for Windows 7.


Uninstalling KB3097877 update should fix your outlook problem. Probably adware slowing you down @texases.


Uninstall KB3035583 as well. It’s a nasty update from Microsoft that keeps reminding you to “update” to Windows 10. I run Windows 7 and I like it. Microsoft tends to disagree with me. They think they know my thoughts better than me.


THANKS @missileman for the tip. That Win10 message was annoying.


You’re welcome @Mustangman … that update was beyond annoying for me.


:wink: Ah ha, I couldn’t remember how to put those emocons in again. Shift semi huh?

I get the updates automatically but haven’t had a problem with outlook. I’ll have to take a look to see if those are in there. They are kind of sneaky though. On my last machine I downloaded the one that turned your screen blank until you registered. You don’t easily get much detail on what the updates are.