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Sloppy 2nd-3rd Transition

Tonight when I was driving home I noticed that the engine raced just a little bit (50 RPM or so) between 2nd and 3rd. Then the transmission shifted hard with a nice “thud” noise.

I check the trans fluid regularly, and it was just changed a few months ago. The fluid is bright red, does not smell burned, and does not have metal abrasives in it.

Is the transmssion going to die a slow and painful death at this point? I read that sticking valves and solenoids going bad can also cause this to happen.

No problems shifting through the other gears. Should I get this thing to a technician before its too late? Please and thanks.


What kind of car are we talking about??? We need to know Year, Make, Model and engine size.


Sorry guys,

'99 Accord, 2.3L4 Vtec, 128k miles.