Transmission jerks a little when cold (98 Accord )

I found a 1998 Honda Accord LE that I’d like to buy. It’s in great condition, 104,000 miles. My only concern is the transmission jerks a little going into second gear when you first start to drive it. (Automatic transmission). After a minute or so of driving, it shifts fine - no jerk. Could this be a developing problem?

I have a 96 Accord (160k miles) and the tranny does shift relatively harsh. In general I have found 90’s Honda’s to shift harsh compared to other cars. I know it is hard to define harsh in writing. It may be your conditioned to having a smoother shifting car. It is hard to tell over the internet if this condition is normal. It just may need a fluid changed or added. Did you check the dip stick for level and color?

Maybey other people with a 98 Accord can respond with their experiences or a Honda tech can comment.

Have you scanned the computer for codes yet?? Has this transmission been worked on in the past??? The Pressure control solenoids in this transmission are adjustable. Some people turn them up.


Too weird-I came on this site to get the exact same question answered -only for a 2000 Accord. About a month ago-the check engine light came on and I knew it was the tranny as I felt that jerky motion in low for the first minute or two right at the same time-then everything is fine. Had the codes checked-and mechanic replaced one of the solonoids-that cleared the codes and that was the end of the check engine light. But it still races before going into 2nd and jerks when it finally does for about the first minute or two. If I were you, I’d stay away because mine feels like the beginning of a real problem. In fact I am seeing a lot of Honda owners on the web really upset with Honda and their trannies of that era. If anyone has any suggestions-I’d appreciate it. I have a feeling Honda’s suggestion will cost me around 4 grand.