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Hey, Transman, ole buddy

Transman, a couple of years ago, we had a '99 Durango that had a problem shifting into 3rd gear. You reccomendesd we put in a new Transducer (I think). Well it worked all this time but now it won’t shift out of 1st. Do you think it might be the same problem??

the transmission shows no other problems.

Until trans-man shows, have you taken it above 40mph? What I’m trying to figure out is if it’s just thinking that it’s @ WOT. When in that state it won’t shift into 2nd until around 40mph …nor 3rd until somewhere around 65+/-. I think it would help him direct you if he knew this tid-bit.

Well, it isn’t my car so I don’t know if it has been over 40 MPH. I will try to find our, thanks.

Are you sure it’s in first and not second? The transmission’s computer may have detected a malfunction and put the tranny in ‘limp’ mode, which will lock it in 2nd gear. Can you get the transmission codes scanned at a reputable shop? (Not AAMCO, Cottman, or most major chains)

Well, I never thot of that, but the high RPM suggests that it is in 1st. They are talking about taking it to a shop if they can find one they can trust.

You’re going to need to get a scanner on it first. Not a code reader but a scanner to monitor transmission inputs. See whether 2nd gear is being commanded. The scanner will also give you transducer activity. With all the problems we have been having with those transducers it could very well be giving you problems again. What about forced shifts?? If you drop it down into L1 start out and bump it up to L2, will it upshift then??


I don’t know if it will up-shift that way but I think she has tried it. It has been sitting for a while now and the battery is down. I’ll tell her to go have it scanned, thanks.

We took the Durango to a private shop and they reolaced a couple of parts, I don’t know what, and it shufted fine but when it shifted to overdrive, it just slipped, so they overhauled it.
Thanks for all the help!