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Slipping into neutral while still in drive

Sometimes my car, a 2000 Subaru Outback Wagon with 115k miles, when stopped in drive will slip into neutral. It is an automatic and is still in drive when this happens. It does not happen on a consistent basis. It seems to happen more often when it is either wet outside or after it has rained. However, it does happen when the sun is shining brightly too. Sometimes when I am driving, there does feel as though there is a delay when I press on the gas almost as though it needed to kick itself into gear. Any thoughts on what this might be and why this is happening? It has been happening since last fall.

Have you checked the level of the automatic transmission fluid?

Whether the fluid level is normal or not, if the OP has been driving the car in this condition “since last fall”, I predict that a rebuilt transmission is in his/her immediate future.

For future reference, repairs that are deferred are never cheaper, and are almost always more expensive than repairs that are done on a timely basis.

Fluid levels have been repeatedly checked and not low. The regular maintenance has been done, but nothing unusual has been found. That’s why I am looking here. This has happened maybe 4 times since last Sept. That is why it has been tough to figure out. Suggestions as to what may be causing this or relevant questions that I can ask my mechanic so I do not get raked through the coals with something crazy expensive?

Instead of a “general” mechanic, you need to take the car to a transmission specialist for an expert diagnosis.

DO NOT take it to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain–unless you want to be overcharged for sub-standard workmanship. Ask friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers for a recommended independent trans shop that has been in business at least 3 years.

Good luck!

Awesome, will do!