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Slipping out of gear and into neutral... sometimes

Hello everyone! 93 Toyota 4runner, 6 cyl., Automatic. My truck has recently started slipping out of gear. It has happened while on the freeway, while on city streets, backroads etc. When it happens the transmission goes into neutral I pull over and turn the car off.

Before turning the car off I can put it into 1st gear and it will drive while in 1st. If I switch to “D” once rolling it will slip again.

If I shut the car off and sit for a while (5 or so minutes) I am then able to start the engine and continue on.

This doesn’t happen every time. My fluid levels are good. What do I do now?

Any and all help is more than appreciated. Thanks a lot.


Assuming the transmission is in decent shape motor mounts and transmission linkage would be the 2 most likely suspects. If it is a replicable situation, ie figure out how to show the problem to a qualified mechanic it should be a simple analysis, not necessarily a cheap repair.

Well, you might have to drop the pan and check it real good for debris. Its possible that the fluid is so dirty the trash is getting into the filter causing a restriction.