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Transmission slipping?

When I back out of my driveway then put the car in drive the car reves up but goes nowhere. There is snow on the ground but it doesn’t feel like my tires are spinning. I have an automatic.Eventually it does go when I move the gear from drive to reverse and back and forth. Help.

The simple, cheap explanation is that the transmission fluid level is low. Either check it yourself - read the owner’s book that should be in the glove compartment - or have someone check it for you. It’s quite simple. The other explanations are much more complex and expensive, and I guess you should look at the “mechanix files” in this website for suggestions on repair shops near you.

Check your fluid level. Make sure you follow the proper procedure for your vehicle when checking your fluid level.

Sounds like the transmission is on the way out. If the fluid is low and causing the trans to slip then the transmission is damaged goods to some extent and adding fluid is not going to be a cure-all.

What kind of car are we talking about?? Year, Make, Model, engine size…


2004 Chrysler Sebring not sure on engine size. I did notice red fluid in snow where I park my car. So I will check the trans fluid level.

thanks, I did notice red fluid in snow under car. Will check fluid level.

Loss of fluid will definately cause the neutraling. Just dont drive it while it is leaking until the source of the leak is found. Running low on fluid will destroy an automatic transmission in no time at all.