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2000 Subaru Transmission

Transmission issues…2000 Subaru Outback AWD Automatic. Decelerate to a complete stop, and it just shifts to neutral…have to give it some gas before it pops into 1st gear again. Only seeing the issue when I decelerate all the way to a complete stop, or very near a complete stop. No issues with shifting from reverse into drive. Any solution beyond the $1800 for a new transmission?

Not really, the issue you are describing is more related to the pump and clutch plates inside your tranny. Transman should be lurking here maybe he will chime in…hes the Transman…afterall. But I think you will hear something similar from him also.

Thanks. Do you think it’s going to be worth our while to go ahead and do this…as opposed to scrapping it and getting a new used car?