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Slow to go into gear

04 subaru outback

61K miles

transmission is slow to go into reverse. like a little more than a second. Its most noticeable after being in drive.

Seems a little faster to go into drive.

is this normal for Subaru Outbacks? I’ve only had this car for a few months.

No, this is not normal.
Can we assume that you have already checked the transmission fluid and found the level, the color, and the odor to be normal?

This car should have had its trans fluid changed twice already. Unless it came with maintenance records that allow you to verify that it has been properly serviced, you have to assume that no maintenance has been done.

If the fluid appears to be normal in all respects, I urge you to take the car to an independent trans shop (NOT AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain operation) to have the fluid drained, the pan dropped for clean-out, and new fluid of the correct spec installed.

And, if the fluid is not normal in all respects, you should get yourself to that indy trans shop before the potential bill mounts up higher.

I’m giving this a bump, just so that the OP has a chance of finding his original post, my reply, and any other possible replies. That may save him (and us) two postings of the same question.