Sliding door squeaks

I have a 2002 Odyssey and both power sliding doors make horrible squeaking/squealing sounds when opening and closing. My question is simply what product should I apply and where should I apply it? It’s driving me nuts.

I don’t know that door, but I will suggest you consider that there may be an alignment problem, not a lubrication problem. Maybe a hinge or track problem or maybe some weather stripping is out of place.

Check your owner’s manual. There should be a mainanence item that says “lubricate sliding door rails/hinges with…” that should tell you what you’re supposed to lube it with. It’ll probably be white lithium grease.

However, even though nobody ever actually lubes the doors, usually sliding doors don’t start squeaking for decades. I agree with Joseph that you probably have some sort of alignment issue.

there may be an alignment problem, not a lubrication problem…check this out first but the poblem may be because the van is simply showing age. White lithium grease on rollers and moving parts is a start.

The power door motors (Behind the rear side panels that wind and rewind the door cables may be dry…MAYBE.

Perhaps the fault is alignment. Except for the fact you said BOTH doors squeak/squeal. The only way this could happen would be if the van was in a head-on or rear end collision.

It is not recommended to lube the door rollers as this collects even more dirt and will cause more friction and prematurely wear the motors out.

Make certain there is NO foreign material such as kids toys, gum, candy, GI Joes, etc, in the bottom tracks.

Have you checked with a dealer for any TSBs on this problem?