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Simulation Of Cars Driving Over Speed Bumps At High Speed

I’m not sure what makes this video so much fun to watch, but I do enjoy it.

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I like how the wheels ghost through the fenders on a couple of them because the simulation can’t figure out what they’d actually do.

OK, any takers for the verification phase of the project?

Someone should’ve sent this to the Mythbusters before they ended the show…this would’ve been perfect for them to test

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Does anyone know what make and model that SUV was that made it through? It had cargo on top and a snorkel air intake. My guess is that it was a Land Rover.

If you look closely, you’ll see that those aren’t just speed bumps, they’re the big nasty ones that you have to crawl over at a snail’s pace.

I’ll do it.

Say, in a completely unrelated matter, can I borrow your car for awhile?


That old Olds didn’t fair too bad either. Destroyed but at least upright. There is a bad one like those at the Harbor Freight store. If I don’t crawl over the thing, my trailer hitch hits the pavement. Just one though, not a whole bunch of them.

What about @Bing’s Riviera?

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I’ll have cement, shaken not stirred.

Had me laughing out loud. I especially liked the one where the engine went tumbling down the road. Some destroyed immediately and some almost made it to the end.