Spoiler alert


At least this guy will have a place to hang his laundry…


Hope he know’s what his clearance is so he won’t try to pull in to something like a multi level parking garage or some thing similar or a shop don’t try to put it a lift.

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I suppose he might be serious, but something that outrageous leads me to believe the owner is just having a little fun. Judging by the way the spoiler looks, I’d bet it unbolts quickly and is replaced by a more normal version.

At least the paint color almost matches. Wondering which will help more, the weight of the spoiler or the aerodynamics.

Will it do a wheelie cruising at 45.

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Maybe the tall spoiler is there to prevent over-aggressive wheelies :wink:

But then the owner may be taking advantage of a tail wind. I’m sure there is a scientific, practical answer to that body work

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I believe it is supposed to look like Wingo from the Cars movie-

Capture Capture1


Good catch, TT!

Besides drag it spoils several things from my point of view. Gag me! The color doesn’t even match.

All I can think when I see something like that on the road is, “idiot!” Now that I took this click bait I can’t unsee it. I’m embarrassed for that guy.

Some years ago just before the Smart Car was unleashed on the market I was on I-35 south of Fort Worth, TX and saw something strange in the distance approaching. Come to find out it was a test bed Smart Car for God knows what.

It was painted lemon yellow and bright blue with a massive wing on the back. This wing looked like something off of a Top Fuel dragster. It stuck way above the roof and stuck out a foot on each side. Absolutely grotesque. There was lettering in one of the yellow color bands but I could not make out what it said.
It looked like a death trap to me with the thought of wind gusts from a semi catching that wing.