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Simulated Vinyl Tops


I bought a 1965 Chevelle Malibu years ago, I was the second owner. The original owner had a vinyl-look top put on it which was I believe fiberglass. It looked great. Did need a coat of mop 'n glow occaisionally to keep it shiney, but other than that it required little. I have never seen another one, or found anyone in the business who might do that kind of work.Have you ever seen or heard of this? V-topless in Arnold.

Did need a coat of mop 'n glow occaisionally to keep it shiney

Sorry, the image flashed through my head of you out standing on the hood or trunk with a kitchen mop in hand… have you tried Shimmey? It’s a dessert topping and a floor wax!

Was this a fibreglas replacement for the steel hardtop, or was it a faux fabric or faux leather layer added on to the steel roof? I’m drawing a blank on the name for this, while the old Jim Croce song about Big Bad Leroy Brown and his “rock top Cadillac” is going around in my head. I would imagine there are still shops around that can do the latter, especially around big cities. If you want to spend enough money, of course, you can get anything done to your car, provided it’s technologically possible (what, no Mr. Fusion?!).

Well, the material appeared to be sprayed on, like the bedliner is done now. It was like that, but because of the time period I would believe the material to be different than the epoxy-resin stuff they use now. It was applied to the steel roof of the car, and it was black.

I saw it a few times. It looks like the spatter paint that was used in the trunk area when I was a kid. Then it looks like they spray it a solid color.