"Convertible top Protectants"

I’ve been restoring my 1968 VW Karmann Ghia convertible for over 20 years. It has a black top on which I’ve used every conceivable protectant that I can find to keep it shiny and protected. The latest is Turtle Wax’s “F21 Super Protectant” which states “… long lasting shine & protection without greasy residue…”. However, when the top gets wet, the “protectant” runs down all over the body, DOES leave a greasy residue, and takes two washings to remove – then I have to reapply the stuff to get the shiny new look. I called Turtle Wax’s toll free number, and they offered no help whatsoever. My local auto top people say they don’t know of any protectant that won’t “run”. Can you help?

All the people I know that have classic convertible cars use Lemon Pledge on the tops. This cleans the top and the lemon oil prevents the material from drying out and prevents tearing/cracking.


Pardon my ignorance, but is the top vinyl?

It’s a vinyl top. I have since found that some detailers recommend a product put out by meguire; I found it on the “raggtopp” website, and its not supposed to run off. Any usage info on this?

Meguire puts out a good product. I use their stuff all the time.

When I had a Coleman hardtop camper with the vinyl topped bed slideouts, I used a leather/vinyl spray you put on a damp rag first then worked it in to the vinyl.

It kept the vinyl soft so it didn’t crack, therefore not allowing it to leak… The can has the name Tannery on it (made in the USA). I never found this stuff to ‘run’.

How well it will work on a vehicle roof that is exposed to every type of weather imaginable, is an unknown.