Vinyl convertible top repair suggestions 2013 ford mustang

I have a 2013 white Ford Mustang with a black convertible top that I have neglected (not applied any protectant/sealant for years) and it’s not garaged. I bought the Chemical Guys HOL_996 Convertible Top Cleaner and Convertible Top Protectant Kit and the Forever Black Black-Top Gel with Applicator - Black Convertible Top Dye for Restoring Black Color of Car Top. The plan was to clean it with the Top Cleaner, Dye it, then apply the protectant. After cleaning the top, I noticed that a few pieces of Vinyl chipped off just above the windows, where the vinyl wraps around the convertible metal frame/cage that provides the internal support of the top. I would like to apply some sort of liquid vinyl repair paste/gel before I re-Dye the whole thing, then apply the protectant/sealant. The chips/cracks are not big enough to use the patches, I just need some type of liquid/gel that I can apply an let dry to the cracks/chips/missing areas that is hopefully flexible and won’t crack when the top is lowered and collapsed behind the back seats . Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help and I’ll be monitoring this thread for any advice or any additional questions.

I think having a converible top shop look at this will give you a better answer . I can’t see any type of glue or filler staying in place very long .

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If the “vinyl” you are referring to is the weather-strip, that is…the spongy part that presses on the window to seal it when rolled up, there is nothing you can do about that except replace it. Nothing you “paint” on will stay.

A picture would be very helpful.

I think your top is nearing the end of its life and you should consider having an aotunupholstery shop just replace it. They do wear out. I’ve never done anything on a top but have used several products on interior and vinyl roofs without great satisfaction.

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