Simoniz glass coat. yes or no?

I’m almost 20 years old and I just bought a 2011 Honda CR-V. I do not know anything besides what the dealership told me about the product, and obviously they’re going to make it sound amazing because they want the profit. Being a girl as well, I don’t know about all the technically and car savvy information, so I would definitely appreciate some guy advice. Thanks!

I’m sure they made enough profit when they sold you the car. There’s no reason to throw more money to them.

Yes, this is 99% profit for the dealer. It’s a good coat of wax at 20X the price you should pay. The dealer will try to make you feel guilty, will pressure you, will use all sorts of tactics to make you pay money you shouldn’t. Here’s a rule: EVERYTHING they try to sell you at closing, be it wax, extended warranties, whatever, is guaranteed to be grossly overprice. Don’t by any of it.

The dealership is attempting to sell you a grossly overpriced coat of car wax.
In other words, what you can do for an investment of about $10 and a few hours of your time will cost–most likely about $200 or more at the dealership.

Likewise, the fabric protectant that they will likely also try to sell you is simply Scotchgard, which you can spray on the upholstery for a fraction of the price that the dealer would charge you.

And, if they attempt to sell “undercoating” or rust-prevention treatment, bear in mind that these products have the potential to hinder the action of the very effective rust-proofing that the car got at the factory.

If the salesman attempts to tell you that the paint will deteriorate without the “Glass Coat”, I suggest that you tell him that you have changed your mind and do not want to buy a car that comes from the factory with such a poor-quality paint job. Use a similar response if they attempt to sell you the fabric protectant or undercoating.

That reminds me, I forgot one of the lies (and I mean that, it’s not just an exaggeration) the dealer will say: “Modern paints aren’t as good as they used to be because of regulations; they’re water based.” or some such nonsense. Actually, modern finishes are better than ever. Do not expect truth from the dealer at closing!

And folks may be shocked to know that the Simoniz stuff often goes for $500 or more!

Wash and wax the CR-V when you get it home. That’s all the dealer would do for the option you list.

That’s when you respond with “If the paint is so horrible from the factory, I want nothing to do with it, and will look elsewhere for my new car.” then get up and leave.

Thanks guys! I decided not to get it because if wax works then why not do that instead?

You don’t need ANY dealer add-ons. What they’re trying to sell you is car wax, and nothing more. You can buy it yourself for $5.00 at an auto parts store.