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Simoniz glass coat

does anyone know if this is a reputable company and will the product work to protect the fabric and carpet? It also is supposed to coat the paint so that waxing is not necessary. The warranty is for 7 years…

It is a well known company. There products are no worse than others and better than many. However don’t expect miracles.

Remember than modern cars use materials that are far better than those of not many years ago. Modern cars have less need for protection.

I have waxed my 2002 New Beetle maybe three or four times, and I doubt if it made much if any long term difference.

Note: my experience may be different than yours. I park in a garage, I don’t live near a steel mill (really bad for car finishes) etc. You may have more reasons for using such products.

BTW there are rather limited differences between such products.

Good Luck

Simonize is an old and established name in car care products, to the extent that “simonize” became almost a generic term many years ago for waxing a car. As Joseph said, there are countless similar products on the market now and all are good as long as they’re used. No product will work well if it’s only applied when the finish gets dull. “Dull” is too late. At that point damage has begun.

As noted above, the Simoniz trademark is well known, and well established. They’ve been around since the early 1900’s…10’s or 30’s depending on where you read about it.

I assume you’re talking about this GlassCoat. I’ve heard of it, but don’t know anyone that’s tried it. You’ll have to see if anyone has, and their results.

The advertisement looks nice, but I’d read the fine print carefully.

Since the OP is asking about these products for both fabric and paint protection, I suspect that she is being offered this stuff as a dealer option on a new car. If I am correct, I can only urge her to say NO to that type of overpriced scam. Typically, dealers will charge new car buyers a few hundred $$ for their employees to put $10 worth of materials on the car.

Products of this type are just overpriced car wax and overpriced fabric protectant.
You can do the same on your own for far less money, and since you have the motivation to do a good and thorough job, your workmanship may be better than that of the car prep guy at the dealership.

VDC, I think you’re right based on the warranty statement. And I wholeheartedly, emphatically agree. The prices charged by dealers for these products is totally insane.

Even for those unable to do the job themselves due to infirmity, a detailer will do just as good or better for far less money.

Is this a product that you wish to apply yourself, or is a dealer offering a service to you on your new car? The Simoniz company is well-established and highly respectable, but other companies offer similar products that should work equally well.

Try it if you wish; you will be pleased with the results. Just don’t expect it to live up to its full claims.

If it is a dealer option, just say NO. It is overpriced and you can do the same thing yourself at a fraction of the cost.

This is one of those dealer rip-off muti-hundred-dollar items, with crazy claims included. To be avoided.