Simonize for a New Car?

Is it worth the $250 the dealer wants to Simonize the exterior of a new car that will be parked outside to protect it from sun damage?

[b]Would you normally pay someone $250.00 to wax your car? Because that’s all they’re doing.

This is a high profit dealer add-on. Say no thanks!


You can wax your car yourself to accomplish the same thing. There is nothing special about the dealer’s product. Say “NO” to the exterior finishing as well as “NO” to the fabric protection and the extended warranty.

No Way!!

Like all the other stuff the try to scam you with at the time of sale when most people are weakest, say NO!

No, you can purchase better products for less then $50 and do it yourself. Now if it lasted 5 years, maybe, but it will not last beyond 6 months

A dealer boat payment!!!

The “detailing” business is a growing mom and pop industry. You can find a detailer to do this for a lot less, probably the same person who is doing it for the dealer.

We have a local dealer that charges $1295 for this, or tries to anyway.

Ask the dealer why you should buy a car whose paint job is apparently so poor that it will be damaged by the sun.

For that kind of money, I could wax a car a day. I used to be paid $4.85 an hour. I quit after the green 1974 Chrysler New Yorker. You work hard but when you’re done the thing is still green.

As PT Barnum is quoted as saying (kind of), “A new mark is born every day, and some are reborn, often.”