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Paint protection

is it worth it to get the Simoniz Glasscoat protection for a new car? It seems awfully pricey. The dealer is claiming that the paints used in recent years isn’t as good as it used to be and needs to be protected with Glasscoat.

The dealer is trying to sell you an expensive, profit making wax job. You can get the same results by waxing the vehicle yourself.

The difference in the new paints is that they’re now waterborne instead of solventborne. This means water is used to tranfer the paint onto the vehicle instead of a solvent. But once the paint dries it’s still the same.

Also! You can’t see if they actually apply this paint protection. It’s called Glasscoat!

If a dealer told me that their paint was so bad that you need a special wax to protect it, I wouldn’t buy the vehicle.


We call this offer ADP – additional dealer profit. Skip the Simoniz and polish your car regularly. Years later it will look just as good as those similar cars whose owner’s bought the dealer’s treatment… and also polished their card regularly.

It’s not worth the money. What they’re trying to sell you is nothing but car wax.

The clear coat finish on today’s cars can withstand just about anything short of a low yield nuclear blast.

You don’t need Glasscoat. Wax your car once or twice a year if you choose, but you don’t need any fancy “protection.”

Say “NO” when they try to sell you undercoating or fabric protection, too.

Let’s put it simply: your dealer is lying. Modern paint is excellent. So if their story starts with a lie, guess where it goes? Straight to your wallet!

is it worth it to get the Simoniz Glasscoat protection for a new car?

It is 100% percent worth it for the dealer who is pushing it on you.
It is of no value to you. Wax your car yourself after you buy it.

The good news is the dealer has just made it very clear to you where his priorities are - his wallet and not you or your vehicle.

Let's see.  The paint is there to protect the metal from rust etc.  Then you put a wax on the paint to protect the paint that protects the metal.  Now the dealer wants to charge you to add another layer of protection.   

Next the car will come with a plastic portable garage that you will drive the car under every time you park it.

Look the guy in the eye and tell him since they’re using such a substandard type of paint, you’re going to buy a different vehicle, then get up to walk away. I bet they change their tune after that

@bscar…awesome…I’ll have to remember that. :slight_smile:


Save your money. When I worked for Nissan they used to apply this wax product (for want of a better word) to every new car that came in and added 250 to the total.
Many people paid this thinking they were getting something of value. Others balked and in the really stubborn cases the dealer would write this 250 off.
The customer left elated because they felt they “got a deal for free”.
What did the dealer lose by writing this off?
A 5 dollar bottle of water thin wax “product” and half an hour of the detail guy’s time at 7.00 an hour for a grand total of 8.50 in the hole. Generally, they made up that loss, and then some, with another add-on.

One Friday evening the sales dept. was in a jam with some new car deliveries and asked if some of us regular mechanics would like to stay late and do a couple of these things at our regular pay. Why not? It’s bone simple and we each did 2 cars in an hour flat with their paying us 1 hour flat rate per car so we essentially got double time on the flat rate scale.
Even at the higher pay rate the dealer still cashed in at 250 a car.

Unfortunately, one trip through the car wash will put that paint protection right down the drain.

That must have been some cheap wax…Any wax I use will last a few months of car washes before it need’s to be reapplied.

Don’t do it. Definitely not worth the price. It’s an add on dealers always try to sell.