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Sign outs reappear

@cdaquila, I have had sign out problems all day. Every time I go back to the home page for each category, I get signed out.

@jtsanders, I haven’t been able to replicate this on my own except on my phone. I hate that this continues to be an issue for you. So, please, anybody, if this is happening to you, tell me. When I submit requests with a single episode, I get told it isn’t replicable, and the request goes nowhere.

" I get told it isn’t replicable…"

Sounds like a lot of car problems. ;-]

The only time it happens to me is when i clear out my cookies, otherwise It doesn’t happen to me. Just tried it.

If I hit reload I am signed back in. It has not been as big an issue today. And if you have problems on your iPhone and I have them on my iPad, it seems like it may be an issue with iOS system compatibility.

A few this morning, but it is intermittent. I usually only have to push the button for a topic and I am automatically logged in when I go to that page. That did not work. When I pushed the sign in button, it took me to my personal information and it appears I was signed in. But when I went to the topic, I was signed out again. I finally edited my information and I remained logged in when I went back to a topic.