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2006 Honda CRV 4 wheel dr.with 15000 miles on it. When pulling slowly into any parking spot, turning quite sharply it feels like a kind of shudder, possibly from the rear end.If anyone knows what it might be I would appreciate your answer on this. Thanks in advance.

there have been several other threads on this, something to do with changing to a different fluid in the transmission. It is very common. The dealers know about it but try not to mention it. Try a search for CRV… via the search button above.


Right church, wrong pew–or something like that.

It is actually the oil in the rear differential that needs to be changed far ahead of schedule. As you noted, this is a known issue with CR-Vs, but usually this does not show up as early as 15k.

Although I do believe that, in general, Honda makes good vehicles, the case of the rear differential on the CR-V is a good example of how any car manufacturer can have a design problem now and then. Clearly there is “an issue” with the CR-V’s rear differential, but fortunately just changing the differential oil seems to resolve the problem. Of course, down the road I think that we will begin seeing early failure of these same differentials, but with any luck, Honda will give an extended warranty on this obviously flawed design.

OP–Just be sure to use the genuine Honda specification dual-pump differential oil and the problem will go away. For how long? Nobody seems to know the answer to that question right now.