Honda crv rear noise

I have a honda crv 1999. There is a vibrating noise in the rear end every time I turn. I have had this problem for a couple of years. The reason I have’nt done anything about it was that my mechanic said it was an annoying noise but not dangerous…that he’d seen this in this type of vehicle many times. As it turns out my young neighbor has recently gone to school and become a honda mechanic so I asked him. He said that it was a simple fix…that I just had to change the differential fluid. When I told this to my mechanic he insisted that changing the differential fluid was a bad idea…that it might create problems that I don’t have. My mechanic has always done well by me but the noise is scary. What should I do?

You should change the differential fluid. If this seems to cause problems it will be because the problems are already there. You should also look at the service schedule in the owner’s manual where it very well might give you time/mileage recommendations for changing it…at which point you might find that you should have done it long a go.

This is a common complaint on CR-Vs of that era. Noise from rear differential on tight turns. There’s a service bulletin out for this. Simply drain and fill the rear diff. Go to your Honda dealer and buy the fluid–called Dual Pump fluid if I recall.

Asemaster is correct on all counts:

This is a known issue with CR-Vs.
ONLY genuine Honda Dual Pump Fluid can be used.

Since your mechanic seems to be rather ignorant about this issue, I would not trust him to use the proper type of fluid. Go to the Honda dealership, buy the fluid yourself, and give it to the mechanic to use in servicing your vehicle.

Hello JLO
I have a 06 CRV that started to have what I called a shudder from the rear end when making slow left or right turns just a bit over one year after I bought it new. it only had 14000 miles on it. I called up our honda dealer & they knew right away what it was. I took it in and they did a complete job called burnishing the clutches & in this proceedure the oil is changed 3 times. They said the factory had put in the wrong oil, so the new oil is DPF II In the manual it only called for oil to be changed every 90,000 miles, but I beleive they now say about every 30 to 4o,ooo. The old oil was a pink color ,this new stuff is clear. I have the complete procedure saved on my computer but don,t know how to attach it to this comment. Oh yes and this was all done under warranty, no cost to me. I will change the oil myself the next time it is due for change.