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2003 Honda CR-V Power Steering Noise

My 2003 Honda CR-V (80K miles) power steering shudders during slow speed sharp turns either direction. No noise at speed with normal driving. Is my power steering pump about to fail or is it much worse?

What you’re expieriencing could be normal. When you turn the steering wheel at slow speeds to where it can’t be turned no further, it will cause the power steering pump to shudder. Try this. Go out and start the vehicle, and then turn the steering wheel in each direction until it can’t be turned any further. Is this what you feel? It’s normal.


I have a 06 Honda CRV & your problem sounds exactly like the problem I had, that shudder when turning fairly sharp either way I don’t think it is your power steering at all. I just phoned up the honda dealer, told him about this shudder & they knew right away what it was. They change oil in the rear Diff. 3 times & burnish the clutches in the diff.They also use a new type of oil.Mine was all done under warranty. I am taking for granted yours is a 4 wheel drive. If not then of course this would not apply to your CRV. This problem was posted several times awhile ago.
Let us know if this was your problem.

Condos is correct, and this situation with the differentials (the center and the rear differential, actually) is a known problem with CR-Vs. The solution is a change of the differential gear oil, which is unique to Honda. I believe that it goes by a name like “Multi-pump Fluid”, or something similar to that.

Even if yours is not done under warranty (and a valid warranty claim is unlikely on an '03 model), this needs to be done. Unfortunately, it is not cheap, but it is the only solution to the “low speed shudder” of the CRV’s differentials.

After receiving your response I no longer believe it is the power steering. I went stop to stop with the steering while parked and no noise. I’ll call Honda.


It is the rear differential fluid. Happens to quite a few. Spend $20.00 at the dealership and it should be OK.


The genuine Honda multi-pump fluid that is required is MUCH more expensive than that. The OP should assume at least $100. for the change of this fluid.

The repair is contained in Honda TSB 07-024. This car has all wheel drive. Changing the fluid in the rear end fixed it.