Should we buy another corvette?

my husband of 42 yrs wants to buy a 1979 very poorly maintained corvette from one of our neighbors. This vehicle is rode hard and put away wet a lot. I don’t think it has been serviced in the last 20 years. We already own 7 vettes which are in show condition and I know this 79 will need at least 20 grand worth of mechanical and prettying up—the man wants 8500.00 for it and I think that is too much money considering the condition it is in. We just built a 2nd barn for the overflow of our vehicles and I think my husband just wants to fill it up! I don’t like the body style of the c3s – have never liked that body style and don’t care if we ever have one. Please tell him it is a bad idea.thank you, linda t burridge Brighton CO

Sounds like he’s the Corvette expert, not us! This is an issue for the two of you. My (guess) on '79 C3 market price won’t carry much weight with hubby, I bet…

That’s probably one of the least desirable corvettes. Smog-choked engines, questionable (even by corvette standards) build quality; slow, etc. $8500 is a ridiculous amount of money for basket case. I’d offer maybe $3000, if it ran.

If he wants a C3, maybe he (or you) should shop around the internet for a better one at a better price. Craigslist, Ebay motors, etc.

Maybe he’s just looking for a project to work on.

Do you have any Allante’s in the barn?? Fiberglass and plastic is okay, but you need a little aluminum and leather for when you want to dress up…

Sounds like my wife complaining about all my sailboats. Don’t wives realize that some of us have found away to “take it with us”. It’s a great idea, if you can afford it; can you ?
Is there something you’d like to have to balance this Vette fetish on his part with ?

If the car was clean and needed little it would be worth 8500 but an average condition 79 is not worth that much.
I don’t understand the desire to buy a rough Smog Dog Vette for that kind of money. He could find a much better deal because 70s/80s Corvettes are not that rare.

If the car is a basket case, it is definitely not worth that kind of money. I went to school with a guy who bought a '77 L48 Vette after he graduated. The car was in good condition (not perfect, but a very nice unrestored car). I think he paid $5500 for it in 2001 or 2002. The car was a dog compared to other Corvettes, but was (arguably, I suppose) a good looking car and fun to drive and be seen in. Maybe he just wants a C3 because you two don’t have one. I would definitely look for a different one, though. The C3s are not too hard to find and I’m sure he can find a much nicer one for less money.

Everyone is looking at it as an investment. Have you considered it might be a rescue?

Here is a man with a passion for Corvettes and an apparent financial wherewithall to pursue his passion.

Imagine being passionate about something and then seeing, day in and day out, someone who has little regard for the same. He beats the car and does not take care of it. He is an abuser and does not deserve to own one. It’s a mercy buy to get it out of his possession and into the hands of someone who will lovingly restore the car and care for it. The plain Jane Corvette needs to be rescued!!

I’ve owned & restored a number of Vettes over the years and still have one;
1969 coupe L36 M22 N14 G81

Clearly it’s not intended as a means of daily transportation and clearly the normal budgetary contraints don’t apply, so I say “why not”?

Let the man have his hobby. Since he’s not asking what it’s worth, I’ll assume that it’s worth it to him even if not to us. The term “hobby” and the term “worth the money” rarely exist in the same discussion.

So, what’s the actual question?

Do we think it’s worth it for the price?
I think we all agree that NO is the answer.

Should he buy it?
For a better price, why not?

You said you already have 7 Corvettes in the special built garage.
How many are similar to this one?
If you already have a similar Corvette, then say no.


I live in Arvada.
Can I come look at your garage?
I love large garages stuffed with toys.

Mine just has a Porsche Boxster, 3 Ducati’s, and 2 Honda’s stored in it, but seeing 1 garage that holds 7 Corvettes should be interesting. :wink:


Hey Linda, I understand where you are coming from. I don’t blame your husband for wanting the 79, but it was the highest production year ever. I am close to finishing a 1982 two-tone (Silver/Charcoal) one of only 1,239 ever made (of 25,407 produced), less than half of the 1979 production. Also, it was one of 905 cars produced with Red Cloth seats. Very Rare!! Even with the price of the car and restoration, this would be close (using your estimates) to the price for the 79 assuming the 79 has no “surprises” along the way. This car can be finished on a “fixed price” contract. Also, I have the gas tank sticker off the car, a copy of the original tank sticker from the Corvette Museum and a copy of the original window sticker from the Corvette Museum to verify the above mentioned production numbers. Plus this is the last year of that body style. if you are interested, email your contact info. to and we can discuss the details. If not, Good Luck! Keep Vettin. 69Stingray